Useful Diet Suggestions for People above 50

by admin

Health articles say that older adults must consume a balanced nutritional regime. This is a very effective piece of advice. You need to be careful with the food you eat. Otherwise, it may be difficult to avoid medical disorders such as hypertension, diabetes and plumpness. Healthy eating is the buzzword. It is simply a matter of how to achieve this target.

Appropriate Dietary Plan


The rule is not to skip these three major meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you skip meals, it causes lack of energy, drop of sugar levels, irritability, and low metabolism. Eat the right food. The most healthy breakfast includes bread or cereals high in fiber; fresh fruits; vegetable omelet; or, oatmeal with honey and some nuts. At noontime, try some lean meat; chicken salad with black beans; or, stewed veggies with whole wheat pasta. Dinner does not have to be heavy. You can have grilled fish; sweet potatoes; or, grilled pork plus vegetable salad. Salads are alright provided these are full of fiber and not foods with too much fats, salt or sugar content.

The problem with old folks is their slower metabolism or conversion of food and water into energy. In short, seniors gain more weight because they burn fewer calories which can be compounded by becoming less physically vigorous. The senses also deteriorate as you age. The taste buds become bland as a result. Use more herbs and healthy cooking oils to avoid too much salt or seasoning. Choose natural sweeteners like honey in place of sugar. Prescription medicines can also produce side effects. Consult the doctor on how to tackle these by-products.

The digestive system of the elderly also slows down. This translates to production of less saliva and useful acids in the abdomen. The body finds it hard to process vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B or folic acid. This is vital in maintaining mental sharpness, memory and blood circulation.

Lifestyle Considerations and Undernourishment

healthy-fruits-health-apples-mediumThe elderly must cope with significant changes in everyday life. The thought of being alone can affect their appetite considerably. It can become worse once depression sets in. The good news is this can be addressed by socializing with neighbors or acquaintances. Weekend get-togethers can break the boredom and make life more pleasant for old people.

Undernourishment can be a major problem for old men and women. This is the result of excessive dieting; deficiency in nutrients and vitamins, and digestive issues that happen as one becomes older. The condition can bring about depression, exhaustion, shaky immune system, lung disorders, and cardiovascular issues. To combat malnutrition, it is essential to eat food with nourishing substances. Consume wholesome refreshments between regular meals and tasty foods. Drink a lot of water daily. Seek advice from a medical specialist if things get worse.

Eat in the company of other persons if possible. It may take time to adjust but the effects will be positive in the long-term. Ask your relatives, children and grandchildren or even close friends to visit on a regular basis. Make new friends among neighbors, adult facilities and senior centers.