Keep your Folks Active, Fit and Happy

by admin

How do you keep elderly people robust and active? The problem is that diseases and respiratory inspections can make your parents or grandparents sedentary which is not a good sign. You need to teach them how to be full of life despite their advanced years. It is also essential to maintain good quality of life. An older person requires adequate physical, psychological and social motivation. These can be achieved through a flexible lifestyle.

Learn and Practice the Fundamentals

happinessOld folks who stay at home, nursing facilities or assisted living residences must receive the right amount of stimulus. These will keep their mental faculties active, bodies moving and spirits high. Convince and assist your elders to become more familiar with the internet. The web is a vast resource for reading materials, videos and instructional CDs. Provide them with their favorite melodies because these help kindle their brain cells. Senior citizens can also indulge in community activities provided these will not affect their health negatively.

Exercise and other physical activities will surely help an older person remain healthy, full of life and self-sufficient. It is not advisable to spend eight hours or more just lying down or sitting around. This will only make you sick and probably shorten your life. Idleness contributes to increased rate of falls, cardiovascular ailments, high blood pressure, and obesity. Working out is also a means of enjoying life. Continue with your daily routine such as walks to the park, shopping around, meeting friends, and having fun with your grandchildren.

There is substantial clinical evidence that active elders are not easily susceptible to heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dementia, depression, and some forms of cancer. Doctors will advise you to keep moving to remain free from pain and psychological conditions. There are many ways to do this aside from engaging in exercise.

Physical Activities

These are leisurely pursuits that help people get their bodies moving a lot. There are many of them such as strolling, biking, gardening, controlled sports, cooking, and cutting grass using a lawn mower. You should spend a minimum of three hours of normal activity each week. This can be distributed in stretches of 15 minutes daily. Muscle-building is also a recommended effort. It can include some weight training and carrying heavy but manageable loads.

For those who are 65 years and above, try daily exercise as long as you are not suffering from serious ailments. This can consist of regulated aerobics of 150 minutes like walking and cycling. Strength exercises are also recommended for the back, legs, hips, stomach, arms, and shoulders. An hour or more of spirited aerobics like singles game of tennis on a weekly basis or running is also good for you.

The cardinal rule is a minute of vigorous exercising offers the same amount of health benefits just like two full minutes of restrained activity. You can engage in light activity rather than sit down the whole day. Sitting for long periods can be bad for the health.