Common Medical Disorders Among Elder Folks

by admin

Some people believe senior citizens have fewer things to worry about. This is the stage in life when many people usually retire from work and start taking it easy. Unfortunately, it is also the period when you can be afflicted with a lot of health conditions. That is why the elderly have to be more careful and find out common ailments that afflict individuals 60 years and above.

Heart and Pulmonary Issues

844356Majority of older persons are prone to heart failure. This is a condition when the body does not receive sufficient amount of blood. It eventually results to heart valve disease, myocardial infarction or heart attack, high blood pressure (hypertension), and obesity. Symptoms vary but the most ordinary indications are difficulty in breathing, chest pains and inflammation of ankles. Heart attacks can cause paralysis, coma or even instant death.

Meanwhile, hypertension is characterized by rising blood pressure. Keep in mind that the normal reading is 120/80 which should be your guide. Grown-ups must control blood pressure to live longer. It may be necessary to purchase an inexpensive and simple blood pressure monitoring equipment.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD is an illness that affects the respiratory system. It brings about immediate exhaustion, dyspnea (recurring shortness of breath) or continuing cough with discharge of mucus. Doctors describe COPD as a persistent inflammatory lung disorder that blocks air coming from the lungs. Old people afflicted with this disease are susceptible to heart sickness and lung cancer. Emphysema as well as bronchitis often leads to COPD. The good news is this disease can be cured by prescription medicines, proper nourishment, and use of bronchodilators. This equipment can loosen muscles surrounding bronchial tubes and makes breathing easy.

Progressive Mental Deterioration

Frowning-elderly-woman1Alzheimer’s is sometimes called a disorder of old age. It is the most prevalent type of dementia that cannot be cured. The initial phase is known as pre-dementia. It is followed by the early and moderate stages which culminate with the advanced phase. The disease gets worse over the years. Patients lose the capacity to talk and react to their immediate environment. It also interferes with day to day routine. Some persons who contract Alzheimer’s are given a maximum of eight years to live after symptoms become apparent. However, some seniors live up to 20 years more depending on their ages and conditions.

Other serious disorders that majority of old men and women suffer from include hearing impairment and depression. This can be remedied by hearing aids which help alleviate auditory problems. Consult a doctor right away if you start to experience difficulty in hearing. Your family physician can recommend you to an ear specialist or otolaryngologist for more comprehensive tests and treatment procedures.

Finally, older adults are not really vulnerable to depression but it is something to be careful of. Transformation in emotional health normally takes place when you reach the age of 65 or even younger. These changes can produce too much anxiety, loss of confidence and sensitive moods.